A Little About Us

Our Vision

It’s not the view, it’s the vision

When one drives through the West Texas city of Amarillo one finds some rather interesting sights. Whether it be traffic signs of encouragement posted along side regular traffic signs, or perhaps it may be a mesa rock formation painted with a large band of sky blue paint giving the impression of a large rock floating in the air. Or how about a group of 10 classic Cadillac cars planted in the ground causing one to think “is this how cars grow?” All these scenes come from the mind of one man, Stanley Marsh S, what on earth could he had been thinking. That depends on who you speak with. Speak with Mr. Marsh and you gain a different point of view than speaking with the artisans who created the Cadillac art.

Then artisans are Doug Michaels, Hudson Marquez and Chip Lord of an art group named Ant Farm, their earth art was intended to speak to the observer of “the rise and fall of the American tail fin car”. Cadillac cars made by GM from 1948 through 1964 then having the tail disappear completely in 1965. The actual size cars were purchased and then planted in the ground nose down, rising from the early cars of the late 40’s to the highest in the late 50’s and diving into obscurity in the mid 60’s. It may speak to some of the freedom of travel along route 66 (the highway which flowed from Chicago to Los Angeles), to others the excess of the American 50’s and yet others may see the American dream found, fulfilled and then gone forever. Whatever the art speaks to one it accomplishes the goal of all art “to make a statement and to induce thought”. Thus becoming a success for the Ant Farm group.

But what of the Stanley Marsh, when I spoke to him regarding this art he said “the best things in life are surprises”. One can appreciate the surprise of seeing 10 Cadillacs planted on a West Texas farm and thus enjoy the sight and the conversation of discussing the art. Mr. Marsh likened his Cadillac art to the sights he saw while living on a house boat sailing along the Nile river. As one sails along the river they rise and fall with the tide, when the great pyramids come into view they too seem to rise and fall, causing them to grow and shrink. Causing you to see their majesty and yet to know that there are powers far greater. There are no sign posts along the Nile “10 miles to the Great Pyramids, or, Last chance to see the Pharaohs tombs” no they are just suddenly there and are pleasant surprise. So too with the Cadillac’s of west Texas, no sign posts declaring “you are entering Cadillac country, or, 5 miles to Stan’s cars” no suddenly they are just there, planted in the ground at the same angle as the great pyramids, what a surprise. Those who have seen them will never forget them, taking the viewer from sight and bringing them into Mr. Marsh’s vision. To provide one with a surprise today.

We all endure times within our lives where the key to gaining from our experience is not to accept what we see as finality, for it is not the view but the vision that leads us through our trial and on into victory over the circumstance in which we find ourselves.

We must keep in mind what we see is, but vision deals with that which we do not see with our eyes but rather with that which we through our hearts know will be. We are so senses trained that we think that what our senses tell us is the way it must be. But the surprise is that our senses only experience the final stage of the vision. The road to fulfilling the sense experience was jammed packed with parts of the vision until all the parts became a whole and the vision is brought into being and only then do the senses get to enjoy all that vision has provided.

The vision never disappoints, for it is the place all strive to obtain. It is the road of surprises, filled with goals along the way. Goals achieved and satisfactions gained.

As our circumstance may weigh heavy on our hearts we must keep in mind scripture passages that read “and it came to pass” they didn’t come to stay. Our vision plays the most important role within the circumstance for it gives us the fortitude to stay the course and know that this circumstance will pass and on its other side a better wealthier happier person is found.

The vision is of course what all great meals are made of. One desires to accomplish something that will please the guest and perhaps be more than what they have experienced in cuisine before. Every time one entertains they do so by vision, first they see in their hearts who will attend what sort of cuisine will be served, what will accompany the meal and what the entertainment may be. Bringing it together will be the challenge, and there will be difficulties to surpass, and goals to be met, but the end result will be guest departing with a dining experience they will never forget. Each course a surprise and a delight to the guest and a taste of success for you.